1OO Days of Weirdtising


Day 4

How do you know when a trend is about to change? How do you pinpoint what the next trend will be? 

Sem can tell you! She is a culture strategist who provides high-level trend analysis, planning and system design practices. Her approach is predicated on a unique method of trend analysis and future forecasting.


Day 3

Ken Carbone is a designer, artist, musician, author, and teacher. As the co-founder and Chief Creative Director of the Carbone Smolan Agency, he is amongst America's most respected graphic designers. His expression of weirdtising is his ability to draw upside down while in front of clients. 


Day 2

Ryan is a talented graphic designer & strategist who loves skiing and fitness. On each Sunday, Ryan cooks the same meal for the next three to four days. Is eating the same meal everyday weird?


Day 1

This is Matt, I met him in a panini store. His shirt got my attention so he became my first interviewee. He is personal trainer and writer. He made his own shirt and he is weirdtising his feelings about global warming! What do you want to weirdtise about yourself?